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AngelBoo | USA | Sustainable Seating - 100% Recyclable Materials



Planet & People


The most sustainable things are the ones designed and built to last (kinda like relationships with folks like Gramps)


Design it well, make it last. 

That has been one of AngelBoo’s goals since the outset of this adventure. 

We make the furniture out of the same stuff they make boats out of  like HDPE, Stainless Steel (Yep those are solid Stainless Steel legs, no hollow Tubes for Angel Boo) and Brass hardware/fittings that won't rot, rust or splinter.


AngelBoo high density HDPE material is 100% recyclable. 

HDPE is one of the most commonly used plastics because of its longevity, durability and lack of maintenance. 

AngelBoo HDPE waste is sent back to the manufacturer to be recycled into the next generation of material. 



AngelBoo is a member of 1% for the Planet, a global movement of companies donating at least 1% of their annual net revenues to environmental organizations worldwide. AngelBoo is grateful to be a part of this alliance of businesses financially committed to positive environmental change. At AngelBoo, we think and act both locally and globally.


Since people are our next biggest resource another 1% goes to gift certificates for Habitat for Humanity Houses and their new families to help keep them movin on up!

A BIG thanks to our customers who make this possible.

By buying AngelBoo you pay it forward for People and the Planet, two parties that need each other to keep it on movin!


Fold Flat

We started the AngelBoo furniture that fold flat collections so it would be easier and less impactful on your life, and the life of the planet.


We design to the standard that our friends in the world of physics (those Nobel laureates we’ve gotten to meet at Lee’s dinners that make the way the universe works seem so simple) refer to as “elegant”. This isn’t just looking good it involves working toward the simplest most reductivistly (yep, made that word up because there is so much we are doing that hasn’t been done so we need a new language…and hope you are having fun with it too) “elegant’ solution.


Make it in USA 

AngelBoo manufactures our furniture in the USA from materials made in the USA and responsibly sourced “Global Goods”. We make it close to home to reduce shipping. AngelBoo material is nonporous and will not collect dirt internally. HDPE material is colored with pigments integral to the sheet and therefore the colors is throughout the thickness of the material and has a UV protectant to reduce the effects of the sun and help to deter fading. White, black and darker colors resist fading more than lighter colors.

100% Recyclable Materials

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