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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the furniture fold and unfold?

Please see video and instructional diagrams at "Flip, Click & Sit...Click, Flip & Store".


How long will it take to receive my furniture design?

To keep our production facility as efficient as possible, AngelBoos’ are made to order. Our current production time line is approximately 4-6 weeks, plus transit time (approximately 3-5 business days). When your order leaves our facility, you will receive an email from the shipper with an order tracking number.


What are my Payment Options?

American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa.


Will my order be taxed?

Its based on the State you live in. So, yep, If required tax will be added.

How do I find the status of my order?

Call (612-200-0084) or email us!

Can I cancel my order?

You may cancel your order within 3 business days of placing your design order. Please remember all products are custom made based on your design direction!


May I receive material samples?

Yes! Please submit a sample request, call us (612-200-0084) or email us at , and we’ll get it off to you.


Where can I buy AngelBoo furniture?

Right now online is the only place on the planet that you can get AngelBoo!


Are there sales or discounts?

Because each piece of AngelBoo is built by us for you there are no extras, over stocks, last years model, out of fashion/date colors.  Therefore we don’t have any extra pieces that we need to off load at a discount.

However, if you have substantial quantity needs then we can talk (call 612-200-0084 or email) , because once we get it rolling it saves us time to repeat the same design with in the production process and you should share in that savings too!


May I return my order?

For most items, if it doesn’t match your design that you ordered, AngelBoo will be happy to process a return for you within 10 days of your receipt of item.

Please see the Return Policy.


How should I clean my AngelBoo pieces?

Usually water is all it takes. If there is more dirt, a wet rag and natural spray cleaner should be sufficient. Microfiber towels are great. If there is dirt embedded in the texture, use mild soap and water and a gentle brush.

But one of the great benefits of AngelBoo is that the furniture folds flat for storage so after that long winter, or for you southern coastal folks that Hurricane, just take them out of storage and unfold them and "flip, click and sit"and enjoy…no gnarly seasonal cleaning. Plus your deck, patio or porch is a whole lot easier to clean with out all that furniture out there to get it ready for the season (Ok we are thinking about working on the folding porch too so you don’t need to clean that either after you put it away for the season…just kidding on the porch but never know what we might think of next so stay tuned)!  


May I disassemble my furniture?

AngelBoo products are not intended to be taken apart or disassembled. Doing so will invalidate the warranty.


If my furniture is damaged how can it be repaired?

If part of your AngelBoo becomes damaged our products are made so that parts can be replaced. Please email us  a photo of the damaged piece, and we provide a quote for the replacement parts needed.




Who designs AngelBoo furniture systems?

AngelBoo system is protected (for your benefit too) by several patents (pending) we have and we apply those patents to the designs of Angel Boo systems! Short answer, we designed the system (and the designs within the system) so that you can get your own dream design that it’s just right for you! We are constantly working to make our products better so from time to time there may be changes from details (like hardware that holds it all together) from what is currently shown on the website.

Where are products made?

All of our products are designed and manufactured in the USA. We are proud to offer made-in-America products.


Where can you be found online?

AngelBoo is connected to the world of social on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest .


Are there trade accounts?

Yes. We offer discounts to qualified trade professionals. Email for more information.



How much is shipping?

There is a flat shipping fee for ground shipping to the continental United States. The shipping fee to Hawaii or Alaska is 25% of the total retail cost. The shipping fee to Canada is 10% of the total retail cost. (total costs will be reviewed based on destination and if there is any change in charges based on location from the standard shown as total at check out we will contact you).

Oversized items, which cannot ship conventionally are charged 7% and an additional handling fee of $175. This fee covers packing, pallets etc., and extra services involved in getting your oversized product to your doorstep safe and sound.   

The shipping costs do not include insurance. If you want to ship it insured please request a quote at the time the order is placed by emailing.

How are my creations shipped?

Because AngelBoo folds flat naturally…that’s the point (well one of the points) of why we do it to save on costs and resources. Most products ship via ground while large oversized items ship flat-packed on 4’x8′ pallet(s) via a trucking company.  If you ordered an oversized product, you will be contacted by the shipping company when the order reaches your vicinity to schedule a window of time for the delivery.  The pallet(s) will be shipped and lowered to the ground by the shipper, but you will be responsible for removal of the pallet and packaging. 

Is there an expedited shipping option?

Fabrication time is 4-6 weeks and ship time is approximately 3-5 business days. To inquire about possible expedited shipping options, please call us at 612-200-0084 or email email for information. 

What if something arrives damaged?

Please inspect your purchase immediately upon receipt. If the item(s) sent was damaged or seems incorrect and/or defective, please email  ( us photos of the product. Do not send these items back prior to contacting AngelBoo. Sometimes, we are able to resolve issues by sending replacements parts.

Comfortable Folding Furniture

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