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AngelBoo | USA Made | Sustainable & Comfortable Folding Furniture

About ab

Be You!


Started on a golden fall day in Minnesota. Bike riding around one of the 10,000+ lakes, wondering what happens to all that outdoor furniture sitting on peoples porches, in their yards, on the shore of the lakes, at their cabins, on their boats and up north during the inevitable upcoming winter of snow and 40 below temps. Some folks will cover them and leave them in place.  Some will stack and store in the garage or shed and some just leave them out to weather and get dirty. ​


Then realized we aren’t alone in this. What about all those folks in tornado and hurricane alley?  What do they do every time a Tom, Dick or Harry comes (whatever the name the most recent hurricane is)?  What about furniture for restaurants and resorts, cruise ships and event centers?  Realized there might be a better solution for furniture there too! ​

All of that led to angelboo ​​being born. Well, actually Angel and Boo are the nicknames of my twins and they were born a couple decades ago. The twins turned out to be sweet, smart and sensitive and the furniture version of angelboo turned out to be​​ Comfortable, Sustainable, Indoor/Outdoor Furniture that Folds Flat, arrives Fully Assembled and is Made in the USA.

angel​boo Better

“It's worth doing, if you do it well.”

Gramp’s words sitting on the floor of my parent’s home when I was 8 years old doing a woodworking project with him. It has been true for generations. (Gramps was a carpenter and his dad a cabinet maker.) Doing good with furniture runs deep in these “genes/jeans”.  We make angel​boo​​ furniture out of the same stuff they make boats out of like HDPE, stainless steel (yep, those are solid stainless steel legs, no hollow tubes for angel​boo​​) and brass hardware/fittings that won't rot, rust or splinter. ​

Thanks Gramps!

Love you for it (and many other things, like those ice cream cones for the entire T-ball team after those games, win or lose). The most sustainable things are the ones designed and built to last (kinda like relationships with folks like Gramps). Design and do it well, make it last. 
That has been one of angel
boo​​’s goals since the outset of this adventure.  

angel​boo Easy

Each chair ​(or each piece)​ is made one at a time specifically for you. We build it and ship it fully assembled (folded flat to save the planet and your greenbacks). You unpack it from 100% recyclable packaging. Then “holy moly Rocky!” you just Flip, Click & Sit (Ok a few mixed metaphors there and maybe too many hours of TV reruns…if you know what that is 😉, if not check youtube).

When ready to move it or store it just do it in reverse by: Click & Flip! ​


Once you are totally moved by your angelboo ​​send us picture(s) of you and yours (kids, puppies, kitties...). We will share them with the posse here and with friends around the world on social, how angelboo​​ moves you in your world! ​


If you are a homeowner, renter, adventurer, developer, architect/designer (we’ve worked in Architecture and Design for 40 years in hotel, hospitality, restaurants lodges, resorts, yep and a lot you would recognize) angelboo ​​is for you. If you are a landscape architect, if you are in real estate management, national, state, county, city, or regional parks, in the health care world, cruise ships, tour/fishing boats...anybody that might use furniture that moves and moves you, we’ve  learned from you and created angel​boo​​ for you. Oh yes, and if you are in the commercial design world we have a program for you called AB​Pro. ​​Give us a call at 612-200-0084 and we can talk or email​. ​


There will be more designs forthcoming but we wanted to master this slow and steady…you will see it when we…Know it Works!!! ​


angel​boo, You!

This is all about Movin’ You!  

We all change the world together and we are here to help move you while you do it!

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