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AngelBoo | USA | Durable, Long Lasting Folding Furniture - Easy to Clean and No Maintenance!

Care & Maintenance


Keep & Clean

Just like assembly (there is none) there is no maintenance for AngelBoo products. We make them out of the same stuff they make boats out of  like HDPE, Stainless Steel (Yep those are solid Stainless Steel legs, no hollow Tubes for Angel Boo) and Brass hardware/fittings that won't rot, rust or splinter.


It doesn't need paint or stain (actually cannot paint or stain comes off-so if want a different color...just order another chair instead!).


Just hose it off, dip it in the pool, lake river, creek or other fresh water source. If needs a bit more add a wet rag and a natural spray cleaner to get it AngelBoo clean.  If there is dirt embedded in the texture (like the muddy puppy paws) a garden hose and a soft bristle brush or a microfiber towel should work well.


As always...Keep Moving and Being You (even when keepin' and cleanin' up)!

Fully Assembled & Durable

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