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AngelBoo | Made in the USA | Modern Indoor/Outdoor Furniture

USA Made



“Do it Well, and It's Worth Doing!”

Listening to my Grandfather’s words sitting on the basement floor of my parent’s home when I was 8 years old doing a wood working project with him. It has been true in our family for generations. Gramps was a carpenter and his dad a cabinet maker. So doing it good runs deep in these “jeans/genes”.


Made in USA

AngelBoo manufactures our furniture in the USA.

Keeping it close to home saves on the “eco” (ecology and economy), shipping, plus creates jobs in the good ol' USofA.


We make our products from materials made in the USA and responsible sourced “Global Goods”. 

Because we are all citizens of the world and connected and what we do here matters elsewhere and there here.

Thanks Gramps!

Love you for it (and many other things, like taking the entire T-Ball team, win or lose, for ice cream at the Dairy Queen:)!).

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Manufactured in the United States

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