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AngelBoo | USA | Space Saving Furniture that Folds Flat

Folds Flat


Folds Flat & Fun!

We started the AngelBoo patent pending furniture that folds flat collections so it would be easier, less expensive and less impactful on your life, and the life of the planet.

We design to the standard that our friends in the world of physics (those Nobel laureates we’ve gotten to meet at Lee’s dinners that make the way the universe works seem so simple) refer to as “elegant”. This isn’t just looking good it involves working toward the simplest most reductivistly (yep, made that word up because there is so much we are doing that hasn’t been done so we need a new language…and hope you are having fun with it too) “elegant’ solution.

AngelBoo ships and stores (about 2.5” thick) flat.

To see videos and diagrams (OK they might be called cartoons as well) of how to unfold and fold the furniture in seconds go to "Flip, Click & Sit"... "Click, Flip and Store".


Fully Assembled to Boot!

So you can keep moving and won't get held up assembling furniture when your time is better spent doing whatever you want to with it, AngelBoo comes fully assembled which makes a flat out (excuse the pun but couldn’t help it…LOL) bigger, easier, positive “Aaaah Print” on your emotional, logical, logistical, psychological, physical and environmental well being to be able to unpack it and “Flip, Click” and be sitting in seconds..

FoldablE Seating

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