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AngelBoo | Made in the USA | Comfortable Folding Furniture



Aaaah, Comfortable

We take comfort seriously everyday, in every way.

From the process to select your furniture to unpacking to the Aaaah Cuuuuush when you sit in that chair every time and share the love with the planet and people and your posse.

The chairs' design started from deep research into the ergonomics of things like the angle of the seat and back and the heights from the floor. But the BIG bonus is instead of making every part of the chair rigid AngelBoo's back and seat will both support you and "give a little" (well actually give proportionally to the amount of pressure applied), as you relax into it for your best sit fit.


To get you there sooner AngelBoo comes fully assembled which makes it way more comfortable and a much bigger positive “Aaaah Print” on your emotional, logical, psychological, physical and environmental well being. Instead of needing to find instructions, tools and spending the time and energy figuring it all out with AngelBoo you just "flip, click and are sitting in seconds"!

So if you are ready, just click below to find yours! We build it one at a time and we ship it (flat to save the planet and your greenbacks). You unpack it from our minimum 66% recycled and 100% recyclable packaging. Yep, No worries, comes fully assembled so you can "flip, click and sit in seconds"!

Comfortable Space Saving Chairs

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